Tomorrow's Group Trustees: A journey of contribution and growth

18 April 2024

Could you join our board and make a difference?

Later this year we will be starting our campaign to recruit active and retired members to our trustee board. This will be to fill vacancies when the terms of three of our current Member Nominated Trustees come to an end in March 2025.

If you have been wondering what this may entail and what a day in the life of a Member Nominated Trustee involves, Alastair Taylor, a current active Member Nominated Trustee shares his highlights about the role.

“One of the biggest positives is the willingness of other trustees and advisers to share their knowledge. Before fully committing, many of them dedicated time to help me, which meant I felt more confident and prepared for the role.

Once I had become a Group Trustee, the support and my growth continued – it isn’t about having all the answers from day one. Having one-to-one sessions with experienced advisers equipped me with knowledge and insights that helped me navigate the complexities of trusteeship.

I also challenge and review recommendations those advisers put forward – it’s about having the curiosity to ask questions and being part of a team, one which is dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for our members.

Being able to contribute to decisions that affect the financial well-being of our members is incredibly rewarding.

Knowing that we operate within a framework of governance and well-established processes minimises the stress associated with being a Group Trustee – there’s some security in that. And the fact the RWE Group is in a strong financial position makes our work easier.

I encourage fellow active members to consider taking the leap and joining the board. It’s not just a role, you’re serving something bigger. I’d say an active member can typically do most of their trustee duties within work time (with line manager agreement), in perhaps one day a week on average. There is some travel involved, as well as attendance virtually for some meetings.”

Look out for further information this year where we will be starting the process to invite active and pensioner members to nominate themselves to fill the upcoming Member Nominated Trustee vacancies. We will also provide further information regarding the process.